Installation Services

We understand, that each new Dry Cleaning Store installation is unique. We have experience in working directly with store owners and equipment salesman to create and install a well functioning store.

Equipment Companies:
We work with many equipment companies on the east coast. Some Equipment Companies use us to install all their equipment. Others use us to install one or two pieces a year. If you are a Dry Cleaning Equipment Dealer and need something installed, please give us a call.

Store Owners:
We can work directly for you, or for your equipment salesman. We can work with your Rigger, Electricians and Plumber or refer you to a team of Riggers, Electricians and Plumbers we know and trust. We can help you find the best prices on all makes and models of new and used Dry Cleaning Equipment. Have a question? Give us a call anytime.

Remodel an Existing Plant:
We can work directly with you to update your existing store. New steam, air, vacuum, electric and plumbing lines. We can take your old store and make it new again. We can help you with a new layout. We can help you decide which equipment should stay and which equipment should be replaced. Refurbishing an existing plant, can enhance production, and maximize its total potential.

Emergency Boiler Installation:
When a boiler fails to fire, it can be a nightmare. The boiler is the heart of every Dry Cleaners operation. We have years of experience installing boilers,condensate, and blowdown tanks . Because we work with so many boiler salesmen, we can help you find and get, your new boiler installed fast.

Dry Cleaning Machine Installation:
Because we work with so many Dry Cleaning Machine dealers, we can help you find, and get, your new Dry Cleaning Machine installed fast.

Install Transportation Rails in Cargo Vans and Box Trucks:
We can install long lasting transportation rail systems in just about any style van.

We would like to hear from you, and share our ideas. We would like to hear from you, because we are always open to new and innovating techniqiues, to better serve you, and the dry cleaning industry.