About Us

Established in 1945 by my grandfather, Olaf M.Andersen, (That''s SEN). He made sure we knew the correct spelling. He was proud of his Norwegian heritage, and loved to talk about and share it with all of us.

While working as an auto mechanic, a customer/slash/drycleaner recognized my grandfather''s ability to repair things, with parts that he would fabricate himself, and asked if he could look at some of his dry cleaning equipment. Always accepting a challenge, never backing down from a problem, always finding a solution, a small business was born and an American dream was awakening.

In 1955, enters Charles M.Carley. He actually enters years before as a friend, boyfriend, and now husband to Laura Andersen,(SEN), Olaf''s daughter.
After serving in the Marine Corp., my father wanted to continue public service in law enforcement. My grandfather, not dismissing my father''s ambition, offered him a job. This not only enabled my grandfather to expand from service work and small installations to larger and complete plant installation, but launched a still-uncertain career, that lasted for 44 years.

During that time, C.M.Carley has installed, relocated, and remodeled hundreds of new and existing dry cleaning plants. Two of the new plant design and installations were submitted to the American Drycleaner magazine and were awarded top prize.

In 1976, after graduating high school, I (Christopher W. Carley) started to work full time for my father... although I was introduced to this work at a much earlier age. When I was about 5 years old, my father would ask me if I would like to go to work with him. I would lie in bed with my working clothes on waiting for him to come wake me up. The ride in his work truck, eating eggs and home fries for breakfast, and meeting new people, is something that both my father and I enjoyed.

1997. Now the company is mine and I have learned, at an early age, that diligence and hard work, along with customer satisfaction is the recipe for success.

My oldest son, Michael, who has been with me now for 10 years, and doing a great job, is also the designer of this, and numerous other websites. With the help of my youngest son, Christopher, we will continue to provide quality service. A service that has been around for 3 generations. The fourth is now a work in progress.

Thank you to my father and grandfather for this opportunity.